How to build SSH SFTP sampler for Jmeter? (by implements Testbean)

Note: this is implemented by “implements TestBean”
1. download jmeter binary

2. “sudo apt-get install maven”

3. we gonna build source code for jmeter-ssh-sampler
(because in the existing jmeter-ssh-sampler.jar, there is only “ssh command” compiled, “ssh SFTP” is not included)
check out source code for ssh SFTP
“svn checkout jmeter-ssh-sampler-read-only”
4. cd jmeter-ssh-sampler-read-only
5. run “mvn package”
6. as command line output indicated. the compiled jar file is in
7. copy jmeter-ssh-sampler-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar to jmeter/lib/ext folder (downloaded in step 1)
8. download JSch jar file, copy to jmeter/lib folder
9. start jmeter by <jmeterfolder>/bin/.jmeter
10. Add a thread group, then add sampler > SSH SFTP

NOW, SSH SFTP is ready, good luck….



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